Police Version 5

The IAED is proud to introduce the Police Priority Dispatch System (PPDS) v5.0, which was officially launched at NAVIGATOR 2015.

Version 5 is built upon the speed and precision of each preceding version to enhance the ability of emergency police dispatchers (EPDs) to gather the most appropriate and accurate information for their field responders.

PPDS is supported by ProQA Paramount v5.1. Learn more.

Updates and enhancements

  • A new ECHO-level Determinant Descriptor (124-E-1) added for OFFICER DOWN situations are defined as “an emergency situation, discovered during Case Entry, where the life of the officer is at stake.
  • Protocols 108 and 109 are modified to address PRODUCT CONTAMINATION situations (PRODUCT CONTAMINATION with 108 and PRODUCT CONTAMINATION THREAT with 109). They have new definitions, and unique Determinant Descriptors and Key Questions.
  • A new definition for SPECIAL LOCATION has been added to Protocol 123.
  • Blue prompts for obtaining weapons/person/vehicle descriptions have been replaced with scripted statements to help the EPD retain control of the call.
  • Improved instructions for Sinking Vehicle and Vehicle in Floodwater situations.

"Numerous changes to a protocol questions and sequencing were made based on specific call types (Sub Chief Complaint) and will enhance effectiveness of protocol v5.0," said Dave Warner, Priority Dispatch Systems Representative — Police Program. "These changes were made as a result of feedback from existing Protocol users."