Dane County Report Explanation

11 June 2014

This report, expertly created by Dane County, Wisconsin, is one of the first data sets to specifically identify the extent of the effect that the MPDS/FPDS/PPDS (ProQA) has in the total call-processing timeframe

This report depicts five call segments contributing to their overall call processing and dispatching time:

1.  Basic information (Address/Phone number & verifications in CAD)

2.  Protocol questions (ProQA Police, Fire, or Medical Protocols)

3.  Transfer to dispatch (Calls received by CAD and waiting in queue for radio dispatchers to act on)

4.  Unit selection (Unit recommendations by CAD)

5.  Responders assigned (Units notified, but may not be en route yet) 

On first examination, significantly extended times are clearly identified in dispatch phases  #1 – Basic Information and in #3 – Transfer to dispatch. There are minor time extensions in phases  #4 – Unit Selection and #5 – Responders assigned, as depicted when comparing “Madison Police” and “Other Police” (EPD) to “Fire” (EFD) and “EMS” (EMD) categories.

Phase #2 represents (within the Emergent, Urgent, and Less Urgent groups shown), the actual ProQA questioning times that are attributable to each of the Police, Fire, and Medical Priority Dispatch System’s protocols individually, from start to the point that the ProQA recommended dispatch code is selected and CAD has simultaneously received this response-based code.  

The IAED has offered its full expertise, and any on-site resources needed, to collaboratively analyze all associated 9-1-1 call data relative to call processing and dispatch times.  We have identified several areas that contribute to the total calltaking time that might directly improve call processing.  The Academy has agreed to collaborate in identifying solutions to improve the services to the Dane County and Madison communities.

Note:  the above blue font clarifiers were added by IAED to further explain what is actually contained in each segment. 

IAED Research, Standards, & Academics Division

11 June 2014