Certification: Communication Center Manager Course

Communication Center Manager (CCM) Fall Course

Two weeks of leadership learning like no other

The Communication Center Manager (CCM) Course is a one‑of‑a‑kind program that presents the latest management and leadership practices used by emergency service providers around the world. It has proven to be successful for business leaders and students in implementing effective changes in today’s communication center. CCM is structured as an accelerated program designed to deliver minimum time investment with maximum results. Our small class sizes allow motivated individuals to come together for two dynamic and separate weeks of education and training. A tight‑knit group of up to 40 students progresses through the program together, interacting and working on projects as members of a team. Just as important in the process is building a lifelong network of peers and colleagues.

CCM provides a comprehensive foundation of management/leadership theory and practice and case studies with a proven curriculum that covers human resources, finance, customer and media relations, operations, personal development, administration, legal issues, managing technology, and emerging issues. All materials presented have immediate application in the communication center.

The faculty includes experts in the art and science of management/leadership as well as guest speakers from the IAED and others who represent the brightest minds in emergency communications. The core faculty for the course includes Jay Fitch, Ph.D.; Anthony Minge, Ed.D.; David E. Nelson, D.Min.; and Jennifer Kirkland. 

CCM graduates are recognized at the IAED’s annual NAVIGATOR conference, held each spring. (Graduates who attend will also receive free conference registration.) The course is recognized by the National Emergency Number Association for credit toward the recertification of the Emergency Number Professional certificate.

“The CCM course gave me the opportunity to be with like‑minded, motivated individuals, and the curriculum challenged me to think ‘out of the box.’ I’ve made lifelong friends and now have a network of colleagues—from big centers to small, private to public, national to international. The bottom line: If you want to make a big difference in your communication center and want to stretch yourself personally and intellectually, this course is for you.”

–Tom Somers, Los Angeles Fire Department, CCM Graduate

More information is available by calling Sharon Conroy at (816) 431-2600 or visiting Fitch & Associates website