An Important Message from the Board of Certification

Effective October 1, 2012, the IAED™ stopped accepting ED-Q™ recertification exams based on the outdated Scoring Standards (Medical Edition 8 and Fire and Police Edition 3). This is in line with the 2011 release of the Performance Standards (Medical Edition 9 and Fire and Police Edition 4), which replaced the Scoring Standards process for case evaluation.

It has become clear that not all agencies received this information in a timely fashion. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this has caused.

If any of your personnel are due to recertify as an ED-Q, please ensure that they obtain and complete the 50-question recertification exam utilizing the new Performance Standards as reference.

If this process has in any way affected your Accreditation or ReAccreditation application, please contact Kim Rigden, Associate Director of Accreditation, at kim.rigden@emergencydispatch.org




Emergency Dispatcher Certification Courses

Recertification information for Fire, Police, and Medical Dispatchers:
Priority Dispatch Systems™ are recognized as an essential component of effective emergency dispatch. Certification courses that emphasize proper training to use sound protocol are central to the quality of emergency services delivered to the calling public.

Certification courses developed by the IAED's Boards of Curriculum cover basic to advanced concepts that promote a safe, effective, and professional program.

The courses train dispatchers through instructor-led lecture, discussion, video segments, audiotape review, hands-on practice, and role-playing. The coursework spread over three days offers participants 24 hours of direct experience with ample opportunities to learn and practice the protocols.

Participants completing the separate courses in medical, fire, or police dispatching are eligible for certification through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch®.

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Retesting: Retests for applicants not passing the initial exam are available by phone at a cost of $30 (U.S. currency). For more information, contact the Academy at 1-800-960-6236 or 801-359-6916 (intl).

Recertification information: for each course is described on the same page as the specified course listing. Click on the appropriate link for more information about how to recertify, and the Academy's requirements of recertification in your given field.

Lapsed Certification Policy: Academy certification is valid for two years unless revoked or suspended. Your continued affiliation with the Academy relies upon your support of the Code of Ethics and upon your participation in the Continuing Dispatch Education program (CDE). Recertification applications can be accepted as early as six months before expiration. Learn More...

For the status of your application or to request an expired certification waiver request form, call the Academy at 1-800-960-6236 or 801-359-6916 (intl). You will receive an application and exam by mail.

Emergency Dispatcher Quality Assurance Courses

for Medical, Fire, and Police Dispatchers and Center Quality Assurance Personnel
Certification as an Emergency Dispatch Quality Improvement Specialist (ED-Q™) is the first step toward establishing a quality management process to significantly improve operational performance within your center and to increase staff professionalism and performance. This class is designed for dispatch supervisors, QA/QI personnel, and control personnel interested in obtaining optimal value and performance from the Priority Dispatch Systems™. Learn More...

Executive Certification Course for Dispatch Center Managers

The Executive Certification gives center managers and executive staff an overview of the principles of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™), the Priority Dispatch System™ family of protocols, and other topics related to emergency services. The importance of standardized protocols and the benefits of becoming an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) are also discussed. Anyone working as a center manager or director or involved in government leadership is urged to attend. Learn More...

Communications Center Manager (CCM) Course for Dispatch Center Managers

The 15-day course teaches leaders the analytic and management skills necessary for the successful operation of a communication center. The time spent in class provides networking opportunities, team building, and the chance to discuss the common social and legal issues involved in running a strong communication center. Learn More...

Instructor Training for Medical, Fire, Police, ETC, and ED-Q Course Instructors

The instructor training course builds on the applicant's knowledge of the Priority Dispatch System™ protocols and field experience. Each of the courses provides the tools necessary for effective instruction through the explanation of adult learning concepts and practice in presenting information in the classroom setting. Learn More...