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The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED), a U.S.-based pre-hospital care organization dedicated to developing protocol for the emergency dispatch environment, and Ambulance Today, Europe’s leading pre-hospital care publication, based in the U.K., have entered a partnership agreement to enhance the distribution of EMS news and research to a global audience.

Ambulance Today Editor Declan Heneghan said the partnership is a natural alliance stemming from their joint vision to develop an EMS healthcare system infrastructure that builds on the accomplishments and successes achieved by organizations worldwide.

“The IAED and Ambulance Today already have extensive reach through their separate, although complementary platforms,” Heneghan said. “This exciting new partnership will draw our audiences together and focus greater attention on proven processes-based pre-hospital research. But it’s also about the basic principle of encouraging pre-hospital people from around the globe to communicate with each other, increase their knowledge networks and to enjoy learning from each other at the same time.”

Jerry Overton, Chair of IAED’s Board of Accreditation, said the partnership delivers immediate value to the Ambulance Today audience and IAED membership.

 “Together with Ambulance Today, we help EMS organizations optimize their resource use, explore data volumes and data types, and achieve true insight and forward vision to improve operational efficiency,” he said. “This emphasizes our commitment to encourage consistent high-quality pre-hospital care.”

About Ambulance Today

Ambulance Today magazine is published four times a year from offices in Liverpool, England, and reaches over 195,000+ people per edition online. Editorial contributions from several countries outside of Europe and recent partnership agreements with the UNISON healthcare union in the U.K., Falck in Denmark, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) in the U.S. and, now the IAED, will expand its coverage internationally and take its global online circulation to over 275,000 pre-hospital readers For more information about Ambulance Today, visit www.ambulancetoday.co.uk.

About the IAED

The IAED, through its College of Fellows, has established a high standard of excellence for emergency dispatch, providing the tools to achieve this high standard at both the dispatcher level through certification, and at the communication center level through the accreditation program. More than 57,000 certified members in nearly 3,000 centers and 45 countries worldwide use the IAED’s fire, police, medical, and emergency communication nurse protocol systems. For more information about the IAED, visit www.emergencydispatch.org/.